Hello there!

Hello there!

We guess you’ve seen saidbyretards by now and wonder what the f**k this is? Great! Then it worked. So, let’s cut to the chase

The R-word is dismissive, offensive and derogatory, and most people would agree that it’s wrong to discriminate against others. But there are some real assholes in this world: saying nasty stuff and spreading their horrible opinions around. And yet WE are the ones getting referred to as retards. Why? Just because we don’t look, sound or work exactly like everyone else? That really sucks!

But, instead of whining about it, we’ve decided to use humor and our ”special” skills to take action. We’ve started saidbyretards to prove our point – by quoting some of the most stupid things that have come from powerful people around the world.

We are GIL – a Swedish organization that believes that people with disabilities should be able to choose their lives and have the same opportunities as everyone else to create their own individual futures. Not too much to ask if you’re living in the free world, right?

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Best regards,

The proud members of GIL.